Poros, the oasis of Saronic Gulf

«Poros has something from Venice Canal, communication between the houses with boats, luxury, indolence, sensual temptation, place for distinguished international lovers...» G. Seferis (Greek poet, Nobel Prize for Literature - 1963)

The name Poros means passage and consists of two islands, Kalavria and Spheria where the city is built. From the depths of antiquity, Poros mentioned to texts as the holy island of Poseidon.

In Kalavria, there is the homonymous temple, dedicated to the god of the sea. In this temple, the orator Demosthenes ended his life, when he was chased by the supporters of Alexander the Great and he had no way of escape.

Poros of today is an attractive tourist destination and offers relaxation and enjoyable holidays to its guests. There are a lot of activities on the island and you can visit many places.

Don't miss the enchanting sunset of the "Sleeping Beauty" of Poros in the center of the island.

For friends of water sports, there are schools for water skiing, parasailing, tubes and much more.

The nightlife of Poros will be unforgettable, as you will find many bars and cafes to suit your every taste.